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Please review the information below for a brief outline of how to navigate the site. If you have any problems, please contact us directly for assistance.

Please be aware that you cannot “view” “search” or create a “gallery” within the database without a User ID. If you would like these privileges please email the administrator. You are provided with a login user name and password to enter the Web-based Digital Asset Management System. The navigation buttons allow you to view Categories, Galleries or Search for an image. All results are based on your login privileges.

  • Category: A listing of all available assets by type
  • Galleries: A personal “shopping cart” which contains images you select for potential use. Access to these images is based on user login permissions.
  • Search: You can bypass the visual search and type the image name or partial names into the search field, or use advanced options (see the locate section.)
  • New Gallery: As you view Categories and Subcategories, your next step is to create or edit a Gallery to store images. It is important to give your gallery an easy and distinctive name that you will remember and be able to access at a later date. Once you have named your gallery press Save.
  • Default Gallery: My New Gallery is the name given to a Gallery when you do not assign a name.
  • Rename Gallery: Type a new name to replace the default Gallery. Hint: you may want to include very descriptive text to aid locating it later.
  • Active Gallery: Pick and collect your images from the Category view.

Typing an item name in the Search Field can be used to bypass locating the image by Category. If you press the Advanced Options link, you can filter your search by selecting one or numerous options:

  • Match: Choose all, any or exact words to query.
  • Restrict to Category: Choose a Category to limit your search.
  • Layout: Search all images or just horizontal or vertical sizes.
  • Filename: Type the exact name if known.
  • Caption: Metadata stored in the image can narrow the search.
  • Category Name: You can type a partial Category name.
  • Display Preferences: Change how many images you view at one time in the results view. Once images are found, they can be collected into new Galleries to prepare for downloads or prints.

It’s important to remember to choose the number of assets you want to see on each page. The default setting is sixty (60), but you can chose in increments from six (6) to sixty (60).

  • Selecting Assets: As you view the Gallery, there is a Select button below individual assets or a Select All button at the bottom of the Gallery.
  • Request Selected: You can type notes to Admin to ask permission for the assets (by automatic email).
  • Add to Active Gallery link: Look to the left under the Galleries icon to see an Active Gallery link name. (Ex. V_090707 in red to left) If you view a category with images you want to collect, you can press the add to active gallery link to include them to that active gallery. You can create an active gallery first, then add images too!
  • Remove from Gallery link: The image viewed is already in your active Gallery. Clicking this link will delete the image from your active Gallery.
  • Gallery Sorting: Galleries sort from the newest assets at the top down.

Once you create a Gallery, you are given options based on your permissions. If you have permissions, you will see these download buttons. If not, you can request assets from the administrator.