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Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt

Kyle Busch
wins at Talladega

Known as one of the premier motorsports photographers on the NASCAR circuit for the past 15 years, Sam started his photography career innocently enough. In High School he was shooting photography for an "Underground newspaper" as a way to "buck" the established High School newspaper and get to the pulse and truth of what the student body was really feeling. Since Sam was the only one with a camera, a gift from his dad, he got the gig.

After High School he attended college at Middle Tennessee State University and got a job working for one of the most well respected Wedding Photographers in the state. “I did whatever he wanted me to do. I was a "catchall" assistant. At the time I had no real desire to be a professional photographer, but I watched and learned a lot.”

After graduation from Old Dominion University in 1988, Sam continued to create images, but only on a personal level. He started his professional photography career with Winston Cup Scene shooting NASCAR Auto Racing. Sam soon discovered that he had real passion for capturing the competition of motorsport. This passion evolved into a profession, one that Sam continues to enjoy and hone even today.

Sam now operates THE SHARPE IMAGE, designed with that continuing passion in mind; to share the images of competition with media outlets and ad agencies across the country. It worked.

Tony Stewart

Jeff Gordon

Sam Sharpe at Lowes Motor Speedway